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Sarah Perez Photography

Sarah Perez is a Denver-based on-location photographer. She specializes in documentary-style portrait and wedding photography catering to clients who prefer honest, candid photos rather than standard posed shots. Sarah's images have been featured in multiple print and online publications. The logo design references the classic photo corners one might find in a family album, typically filled with candid images presenting a snapshot in time. An elevated form of these documentary-style shots are what Sarah provides to her customers, artfully capturing the feeling and personality of a moment.

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Having worked in positions from well site geologist to operations managers Chris and Daniel knew the competitive landscape and where they intended to fit in the market. Core was built on the belief that utilizing geologists with intimate local knowledge of the basin and formation that your project is in was of the utmost importance. The branding needed to speak to the level of precision put forth by the geologists when surveying and planning. However it was also important that Core Geologic felt visually strong and tested. The symbol that was developed for the mark is representative of a PDC bit, the bit that is most commonly used for drilling and core samples.

Logo Design & Brand Identity
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