About the Studio

Five & Dime is a multi-disciplinary design studio in Englewood, Colorado that specializes in creating and elevating brand identities. We are passionate about our work as creative storytellers to build impactful brand experiences. Our studio embodies the one stop shop mentality for all of the design needs of your brand. We value building genuine relationships with past, present, and future clientele.

We believe successful brands are intentional, authentic, and collaborative. A brand’s identity is what connects that emotion and sincerity with its audience. Our work differentiates our clients from their competition by cultivating meaningful relationships through visual language. Blending our design sensibilities and your ideology, we strive to curate timeless brands with honest stories.

How We Work

Our approach to design is deliberate. Our craftsman insight is rooted in logic and reasoning. We believe to execute ideas favorably and efficiently, you must establish a strategy. Each project begins with a creative brief, a questionnaire providing insight into your brand ethos and design dispositions. Next, we hit the books. We research your industry, evaluate your competitors, and analyze thriving and stagnant brands on the market. This knowledge informs our decision making as we move into the design phase. While designing we focus on creating well developed concepts, valuing quality over quantity. Once defined, we refine; collaborating with clients to deliver thoughtful results. Our method creates a conscious path from conception to completion and leads to successful implementation of your brand identity.

What Makes Us Different

We’ve heard many stories over the years from new clients who have come to us with previous experiences of design projects being a long and painful process. Worse yet, at the end of the project they felt that they didn't have control or ownership over the work that had been completed and paid for. At Five & Dime we aim to correct that cycle. At the start of each project we put together a calendar that outlines an overall timeline with key dates for both Five & Dime and the client. This is to ensure that important benchmarks are met, and the project stays on schedule. Upon completion of a project, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with all of the design assets created for them along with access to files and accounts so that they are in control of their property. We don’t believe in selling clients useless ongoing “maintenance” packages or up-charging their hosting and printing costs. We believe that the best way to build a genuine, ongoing working relationship is to treat our clients the way that we would like to be treated, fairly and honestly.

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Nothing beats an old fashioned face to face.

Not sure you want to jump straight into a project? That’s ok, we’d like to get to know you and your brand first too. That’s why we offer a free one-hour consultation to get to know each other and look over your brand and website. We will provide our honest feedback with suggestions on how to move your brand forward and better reach your audience. No obligations or high-pressure sales techniques, just a free consultation and a cup of coffee on us.

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Our Services

Web Design, UX, & UI

Outward facing digital platforms with an emphasis on overall user experience; presentation, navigation, and interaction.

Ecommerce Websites and Responsive Websites built specifically for desktop, tablet and mobile

Brand Identity & System Design

A collection of visual elements and their implementation, that communicate with the brand’s target audience.

Logo, Typography, Color Palette, Graphic Elements & Icons, Photography Treatment, Brand Guidelines

Wayfinding & Signage Design

The process of orienting a visitor with their physical environment and minimizing confusion by providing directional assistance. Oversight of sign construction, material sourcing, finish and installation.

Design & Layout, Site Location Plans, Message Schedules, Location Surveying, Signage Consulting, Production Sourcing

Collateral & Print Design

Printed, tangible media designed to help a brand make an impact and communicate what that business has to offer.

Business Cards, Branded Documents, Brochures, Posters, Postcards

Packaging, Apparel, & Product Design

Designing a display or container that curates an experience for how the consumer engages with a product.

Point of Sale Displays, Clothing Graphics, Product Labels, Brand Integration, Custom Packaging

Strategy & Art Direction

Providing a clear creative path from brand to audience by establishing the direction of a brand through message, tone, and reach.

Message Development, Brand Audit, Brand Implementation, Brand & Project Direction

Alex Potter

Alex was born and raised in Colorado. After school he put his skills to work as an in house designer for a custom sign company. There he learned a ton about wayfinding and experiential design but couldn't help but daydream about working for himself and his love of building brand identities. In 2016 Alex finally took the leap and Five & Dime was born. Nowadays he can often be found deep in thought of how to fit a dog, wolf or some similar four legged friend into a brand’s identity. He can’t stand when CMYK values have decimals (unless its for a Pantone match) or when an object is sized to 1.97” instead of 2”. When not designing Alex loves riding and working on vintage motorcycles, camping, screen printing, building things, and hanging out with his wife Jazzmyn, their blue heeler Pantone 422, and their cat Milhouse.

Ian Curran

Ian was born and raised in rural Iowa. After attempting to be a rockstar he realized he should instead put his education to work and pursue a career in graphic design. Today Ian can be found in his office at the Five & Dime studio, headphones on and awkwardly singing to a song no one else can hear. His favorite projects are ones that can be started on paper, giving him an excuse to let his eyes take a break from the computer. His only design quirk is when people do not use keyboard shortcuts in Adobe Creative Suite. When not being held captive by his computer you can find Ian playing slow pitch softball, volleyball and/or drinking a cold Busch Light.

Pantone 422
Head of Security

Pantone is both the laziest and hardest working member at Five & Dime. After years of perfecting his security techniques on the home front, he decided to put his skills to work with a job. Luckily his owner Alex had just the position for him. When not perfectly executing a security check of the studio, Pantone can usually be found napping. Although he may be sleeping on the clock, we know his dreams often consist of potential security threats such as squirrels, the mailman, or about exciting visits from clients and friends.


Select Clients

MCA Denver
History Colorado
Aurora Public Schools
Willows Water District
Northland Skis
Colorado School of Mines
Sub Rosa Mercantile
Deborah Lessen Pilates
Tribe Snowboards
SeaLife Cameras
Chipotle Mexican Grill
i-gogs Quality Eyewear
Dedication Tattoo
Core Geologic
Diamond Drilling & Sawing
Five & Dime is a branding and design studio based in Colorado. We elevate, inspire and evolve brands through thoughtful design.
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